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Frontline Leaders Programme

    – Are you getting the best from the frontline leaders in your business?

    – Are they maximising their impact whilst unlocking their own and others’ potential?

    – Do they need support to help them be the best leader they can be?

This is where the Frontline Leaders Programme (FLP) can help.

With a focus on delivering tangible return on investment, the FLP takes your frontline leaders on a journey where they learn to:

1. Unlock their own and their team’s potential,

2. Deliver greater performance and results, and

3. Get more from those colleagues they lead.

Who is the Frontline Leaders Programme for?

With extensive experience working with small and medium size businesses we know how difficult it is to find effective development for your team. That’s why we created the Frontline Leaders Programme (FLP).

The FLP is deliberately designed for those who are new to a management or leadership role and who are searching for new ways to get the best out of themselves and their team.

Working with a small cohort of individuals from other businesses, the FLP is a performance accelerator programme that equips individuals to deliver greater value in their business. Although the cohorts are mixed, the approach is wholly focused on the individual’s context – that is how THEY can deliver greater performance in THEIR business.

What makes it unique?

Delivered over a 12-month period, the FLP is a programme focused on developing individuals in how they lead themselves, how they lead their team, and how they deliver greater value through leading across the business. This threefold approach ensures those who attend the FLP not only know what good leadership is, but they are also supported in how they apply that knowledge and embed their leadership practice to achieve greater business performance.

Why 12 months?

We know that too often individuals go on short training courses which create a spike of interest, but doesn’t lead to real results or deliver a return on investment. By spreading the journey over 12 months we commit to ensure that the programme will deliver the type of return expected from the level of investment being made. And if the required change or results are not seen, then we commit to provide further support at no extra cost to ensure you get what you need.

Improved Performance Starts Here

Unlike other leadership training, the Frontline Leaders programme focuses on helping you accelerate the performance of your company through better equipping those you rely on to deliver results. Through the journey of the FLP, leaders from your business will not only learn how to improve their leadership, but they will also be equipped to improve the results delivered, helping your company to achieve the growth it desires.

To register your interest in the next FLP or request the full programme brochure please email 

Watch the clip below to learn more about the FLP from Rob…