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Our Philosophy

Why did I create up The Purposeful Leader?

Simple. I created The Purposeful Leader because I was frustrated at watching too many people build a house on sand.

For years I saw companies and individuals investing huge amounts of money in leadership development with little or no impact. In watching this, whilst it appeared that some of the tools and techniques being shared for how to be a leader (the house) seemed ok, very few people were supporting leaders to develop courage and conviction in how they show leadership (the foundations).

When investigating this further I realised that the reason for this was twofold:

  1. No one was bringing forward a deeper development model that actually helped create positive systemic change for people in leadership roles, and
  2. No one was addressing the ultimate drivers of human behaviour – our human dilemmas – as a mechanism for developing people’s courage and conviction in how they show leadership.

Recognising all of this, and drawing from 20years of research and practice from across the globe, I created the Human Dilemmas™  and ‘The 3 Questions’™  models. It is through these models that we help people in leadership roles to become a Purposeful Leader. It is through these models that we help them develop courage and conviction in their identity, purpose, and practice for showing leadership.


The Human Dilemmas™

Sitting at the core of the human condition are a set of ever-present and irreconcilable existential dilemmas. Whether we are conscious of them or not, they are the ultimate drivers of our human behaviour. Understanding this, we learn that the power of the Human Dilemmas™ lies in the paradox that sits within each dilemma and which provides a perpetual source of energy.

The philosophy behind The Purposeful Leader is that if tapped into in an authentic and healthy way, the Human Dilemmas™ can enable us to maximise the value and impact we are capable of, whilst also achieving the success and fulfilment we are authentically seeking.

‘The 3 Questions’™

To tap into the power of the Human Dilemmas™ we have ‘The 3 Questions’™. These simple, but powerful questions help us develop, and find courage and conviction in our identity, purpose, and practice for showing leadership. The help us:

  1. Develop a clear sense of identity where we show up as our authentic, full potential self – Who am I?
  2. Discover what is most important to us including where and how we maximise our impact and contribution in the world – Why am I here?
  3. Adopt a practice of acting with mindful intention where we always invest our finite time and energy in the most effective way – How will I lead?

Play: Living ‘The 3 Questions’