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Business Talent Review (BTR)

Do you want to better leverage the talent in your business to drive performance and growth?

Drawing on our strong commercial focus, and our deep understanding of human potential, the BTR helps you deliver the results you are seeking through better unlocking the potential of your people.

Through the BTR you will gain:

  1. A deeper understanding of your business including current strengths, weaknesses and growth opportunities.
  2. A better understanding of your people including their potential to continue adding value and progressing in their career.
  3. Ideas on how to deliver the results and growth you are seeking through levering the talent in your business.

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The BTR is a unique proposition that delivers tangible value for our clients. Through the rapid diagnostic approach that sits at the core of the BTR, we develop a deep understanding of your business and your people from which we provide you with recommendations on how to maximise the performance improvement and growth opportunities available to you. This is whilst also providing recommendations on how to better deploy and develop the talent you have, or need in the business.

The consistent feedback from clients who have undertaken a BTR is that it has helped them deliver significant ROI by accelerating the growth of their business through better utilising the talent that exists.

Who is the BTR for?

The BTR is for any Founder, CEO or Investor who believes there is greater performance and growth that could be delivered through their business. Whilst performance might be ok today, they know there is something more they could be achieving.

Through the external expertise that The Purposeful Leader brings, the BTR is a rapid way to identify what action can be taken to focus your business and accelerate growth.

To find out more about how the BTR can help you contact Rob via