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What do we offer?

We tailor our offering to every client’s specific needs

Whether focused at Individual, Team, or Enterprise Level, through our rapid diagnostic process we work with you to clearly define your vision and objectives, and what is needed to deliver the success you are seeking.

In collaboration with you, drawing on our wealth of experience and wide range of solutions, we then create a pragmatic plan that will help you rapidly deliver the results desired. This is whilst creating the foundations for sustaining the creation of value into the future by developing each leader’s identity, purpose and practice for Showing Leadership using our methodology called ‘The 3 Questions’® .


For Individuals

• The Purposeful Leadership Programme (PLP)

• 1-2-1 Coaching

•The Frontline Leaders Programme (FLP)

• The Purposeful Leader Retreat (PLR)


For Teams

• The Purposeful Team Programme (PTP)

• Team Coaching

• Team Facilitation 


For Enterprises

• The Purposeful Enterprise Programme (PEP)

•Business Talent Review (BTR)

Turnaround Consultancy

•Strategy Setting & Value Creation Planning

• Keynote Masterclasses

Supplementary solutions

Beyond the core solutions for individuals, teams and Enterprises, through The Purposeful Leader we are also able to design and deliver bespoke content solutions. Examples of topics covered include:

Leading Human Centred Change •

Maximising my Impact •

Leading through Conversation and Coaching•

Adopting the Confidence Habit •

Embedding Performance Leadership •

Strengthening my Resilience •

Leveraging the power of Inclusion •

Developing Strategic Thinking •