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Our Team

The Purposeful Leader team deliberately includes individuals who bring a diverse range of experience from all different sectors and all parts of the globe. Whether you engage with a single member of our team, or with all of us, you will always experience us as being committed to helping you maximise your value and impact whilst achieving the success and fulfilment your are seeking.

How we do this is through each of us living ‘The 3 Questions’™ as our foundation for showing leadership and through each of us living our core principles:


Rob Cross – Founder of The Purposeful Leader

With a career spanning from being an engineer in the Royal Australian Air Force through to being an HR Director in a FTSE listed business in the UK, Rob has worked extensively across the globe supporting leaders at all levels to drive performance whilst unlocking their own, and their team’s potential.

As the founder, Rob created The Purposeful Leader to help people across the globe to maximise the value and impact they have, whilst achieving the success and fulfilment they are seeking. And, in using The Purposeful Leader philosophy and methodology Rob has developed a reputation for helping to create positive, systemic, and lasting change in individuals, teams, and enterprises.

Lisa Brennan – Consultant & Coach

With a passion for developing people to help them realise their potential and improve business performance, Lisa is highly regarded for adopting a pragmatic approach to challenging those she works with to gain clarity of purpose and accelerate their performance.

In working with leaders at all levels from first time managers to Executives, Lisa specialises in supporting people to develop concrete action plans, grounded in their specific business context and personal situation. Blended with her use of The Purposeful Leader philosophy and methodology this enables Lisa to help her those she works with to develop and implement strategies which enables them to achieve the success and fulfilment they are seeking.

Roly Reid – Consultant & Coach

Following a career as a professional international rugby player, Roly has worked as a transformational coach to leaders across a wide range of sectors. Drawing from his first-hand knowledge and experience of elite performance and business, and his in-depth understanding of behavioural dynamics, Roly’s focus is on supporting those he works with to be their best more often.

Roly’s extensive experience working with leaders, along with his use of The Purposeful Leader philosophy and methodology, enables him to support individuals to develop their ability to show leadership as the foundation through which they maximise their impact and success.

Richard Clark – Consultant

Drawing on an incredible breadth of experience ranging from a career corporate banking and capital markets through to having a PhD in Evolutionary Biology, Richard is an expert at creating compelling development experiences that deliver lasting, positive change in those he works with.

With a central belief about the importance of the human experience in organisations, and with a focus on applying systems thinking to enable systemic change, Richard uses The Purposeful Leader philosophy and methodology to enable individuals, teams, and enterprises to maximise the value and impact they create. And, he does through ensuring that there is alignment across all organisational elements and through adopting a fully integrated approach to accelerating development to deliver organisational and personal change.

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